Hi Everyone,

I sent 4 genomic DNA samples for both HiSeq and PacBio sequencing to a platform and today I received their QC results. Before sending the samples, they were measured with Labchip with Genomic quality score of >4/5 which was good for PacBio from previous experience.

After the samples arrived to the sequencing company, they did two separate QC for HiSeq and PacBio sequencing, with 1): Concentration of Agarose Gel: 1 %; Voltage: 150 V; Electrophoresis Time: 40 min, and 2): Concentration of Agarose Gel: 0.5 %; Voltage: 28 V; Electrophoresis Time: 1200 min, respectively. Surprisingly, the second gel results for the Pacbio sequencing shows that the DNA is degraded completely so it's not good for PacBio sequencing.

Can anyone help me check if it does make sense to see identical samples to have really different gel images like this?

Also, is 1200 min electrophoresis time too long which might degrade DNA during the gel running period?
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