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how to represent my ngs results

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  • how to represent my ngs results


    I am a new member of your fantastic society and I am also making my first attempt on next generation sequencing.

    I am working on a project with rats and the different populations that their microbiome consists of...

    So, I have my results in an excel sheet and I have to make a heatmap.

    My question is a basic one: how do I generate a heatmap? Do I need to make formulations on the results? Do I need something else apart from excel?

    Thank you in advance- Keep sciencing!

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    What type of results do you have at the moment?

    I am sure there will be a way to generate heatmaps in Excel.

    It will certainly better in the long run to become familiar with R/RStudio and the appropriate scripts and statistics. I can't tell you which, I do not analyze this type of data myself.


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      My results are in an excel sheet and the have for each sample a percentage for a specific type of bacteria.