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repeating chipseq or chipseq with another antibody

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  • repeating chipseq or chipseq with another antibody

    I was wondering which was the preferred method?
    Would people prefer performing chipseq with two diff antibodies, or repeating chipseq with same antibody?

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    Not sure what you mean. Once an antibody is validated as specific, it should be fine to use. The more biological and technical replicates you perform the better.


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      As a reviewer, ChIP-Seq with a different antibody would definitely add strength to a manuscript. Biological triplicates with both antibodies would be ideal. I think people sometimes put too much faith in antibody specificity, so I think data generated with two different antibodies is much more convincing. Also, an IP-Western with an IP done with one antibody and the Western done with another is always a strong piece of data to add to a manuscript, in my opinion.