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  • Amplicon normalization

    I came across this this site today:

    And was wondering if anyone has tried this AxyPrep Mag PCR Normalizer kit for normalizing amplicons prior to pooling for sequencing? If so, how'd it go? It seems simple and relatively straightforward, so I'm wondering why I've never heard of it before. (Or any of their other kits for that matter.)

    What are people doing anyway to normalize a large number of amplicons prior to pooling and sequencing? Ampure beads/filter plate -> PicoGreen -> dilutions?

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    We still use SequalPrep normalization by Invitrogen. We haven't used the AxyPrep kit yet though.


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      Since its been over a year this question was originally asked, I would like to bring this topic back and see if someone has had good/bad experience with these normalization beads? I think it would be a great option to bypass all the onerous normalization post PCR/barcoding for sequencning on either PGM or Illumina.



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        No experience with this, but I am curious how this works. I've deen doing exomes on SOLiD ald plan to do some more, So maybe this could be a good way to multiplex samples before the exome enrichment step? It would save a lot of time and money to use this instead of qpcr quant....

        Can anyone share their experience with either Axy or other brands' normalization kits?