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Can you use Illumina qPCR primers with KAPA

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  • Can you use Illumina qPCR primers with KAPA

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched and searched, couldn't find the exact answer.

    We have HPLC-purified Illumina qPCR primers, but want to order the KAPA qPCR standards kit (because we already have the KAPA qPCR master mix). One primer is the same for both Illumina and KAPA protocols, but the other primer is 3bp shorter in the KAPA kit. Has anyone used the standard Illumina qPCR primers in place of the KAPA qPCR primers (for the KAPA standards)?


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    Fair enough. KAPA doesn't seem to know for certain, so it'll remain a mystery.


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      If there is no primer dimer at the end point of qPCR reactions using KAPA standards and Illumina primers then it would be safe to use them.