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How does the "Illumina DNA PCR-Free Prep (Tagmentation)" work?

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  • How does the "Illumina DNA PCR-Free Prep (Tagmentation)" work?

    Has somebody here figured out how the new "Illumina DNA PCR-Free Prep (Tagmentation)" library preps work?
    They do combine on-bead-tagmentation with extension & adapter ligation steps. The barcoded adapter oligos are similar in sequence to the old Nextera PCR barcodes. The extension & adapter ligation part could potentially work similar to this extension & ligation protocol (T-WGBS; Adey lab))?

    Nevertheless, I still can't draw the reactions. The barcoded oligos seem to be in the wrong orientation. I would feel better about the protocol if I could understand it.

    Thanks in advance for any input.