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Best annotated mamalian genome, excluding human/mouse/rat

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  • Best annotated mamalian genome, excluding human/mouse/rat

    Hi there,

    We are currently doing some research on what species to use for a polymorphism sequencing project on mammal bone. We are ideally looking at non-human to avoid contamination and need larger mammals as we need a large amount of bone.

    I'm currently taking a look for the best candidate regarding complete genome / gene annotation and such.

    I'm currently looking at horse, cow and sheep. It seems sheep has the latest genome build (2010) but I would really appreciate any opinions or advice for this.


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    Granted that I do work for other people and thus do not have in-depth information on the individual species, however I have not found a better annotation for sheep versus what I can find for cow. Most of the time I grab what Ensembl has ... and they do not have sheep. Could you send me a reference to your sheep annotation?

    Going back to your question. Are you also ruling out primates? I suspect so because it seems like you need a lot of bone. But some of the primates seem to have good annotations.


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      Sorry I was looking at the genome build in UCSC rather than the annotation. From ENSEMBL it looks like cow is the only one with variation information so I guess that is the better choice.