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Command line blast with remote option

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  • Command line blast with remote option

    I am trying to run blastn from my command line with the -remote option, and I get a proxy error as

    Error: (311.26) SOCK#1000[6]@ [SOCK::Connect] Failed pending connect(): Closed {error=111,Connection refused}
    Error: (303.7) [URL_Connect] Failed to connect to Closed
    Error: (311.26) SOCK#2000[6]@ [SOCK::Connect] Failed pending connect(): Closed {error=111,Connection refused}

    Any idea how to fix this please?

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    It is a network problem, so it could go away if you retry at a less busy time. Can you use BLAST from your browser? Is there a proxy in the way? If so, you might need to talk to your network administrator.


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      It is a proxy error, I think. I was wondering if there is a proxy option in blastn itself. I can run it from the browser. But I can also run it directly from applications like clcBio. So the configuration can be done - just not sure how to do it for blastn.
      Am getting my network people to look into it also..
      Thanks so much!