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Problem with MEME installation



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  • pascal
    Install the csh bash. In Ubuntu you can do that by:

    sudo apt-get install csh

    Afterwards it worked for me (only single core though).

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  • sonja
    adding meme to path

    Can anyone help me to install MEME, please?
    I had a problem when I followed the instructions from here:

    $ tar zxf meme_VERSION.tar.gz
    $ cd meme_VERSION
    $ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/meme --with-url=http://meme.nbcr.net/meme
    $ make
    $ make test
    $ make install
    Edit your shell configuration file to add
    $HOME/meme/bin to your shell's path.

    I failed at the 2) part. I typed:
    $ export PATH=$PATH:/$HOME/meme/bin

    so now my path looks like this:
    $ echo $PATH

    but when I type
    $ meme
    I get the response:
    bash: /home/sonja/meme/bin/meme: /bin/csh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

    I am probably having a basic problem of adding something to my path... Can anyone help, please?

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  • bob-loblaw
    started a topic Problem with MEME installation

    Problem with MEME installation

    Has anyone else installed MEME recently? i.e. http://meme.sdsc.edu/meme/intro.html

    When I run the installation at one point it calls for a URL which doesn't exist. (http://meme.nbcr.net/memepurge). This version of MEME was only put up in february, but I've tried older versions and the same problem was there.

    This isn't something that the user has to input or anything, it's handled automatically. Anyway I've followed the steps of the installation but it isn't working. I've included a link to an screen cap of me running the installation in terminal on ubuntu. (http://imgur.com/kakBq)

    Here is the link to the installation step http://meme.sdsc.edu/meme/doc/meme-install.html#quick

    Anyone able to help?

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