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    sorry i mean
    fastq-dump -Z $1 | bowtie -v 3 -k 2 --sam $2 -|samtools faidx $2 -| samtools view -u -t -$3


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      No it is not working for me . It is saying fail to build fasta index . it is coming like this

      [email protected]:/raid/development/anusha/python_test/shelltest> ./SRAtoBAM.copy.sh /raid/development/anusha/python_test/shelltest/SRR203400.sra /raid/references-and-indexes/hg19/bowtie-indexes/hg19 /raid/development/anusha/python_test/shelltest/SRR203400.bam
      view: invalid option -- '/'

      Usage: samtools view [options] <in.bam>|<in.sam> [region1 [...]]

      Options: -b output BAM
      -h print header for the SAM output
      -H print header only (no alignments)
      -S input is SAM
      -u uncompressed BAM output (force -b)
      -1 fast compression (force -b)
      -x output FLAG in HEX (samtools-C specific)
      -X output FLAG in string (samtools-C specific)
      -c print only the count of matching records
      -L FILE output alignments overlapping the input BED FILE [null]
      -t FILE list of reference names and lengths (force -S) [null]
      -T FILE reference sequence file (force -S) [null]
      -o FILE output file name [stdout]
      -R FILE list of read groups to be outputted [null]
      -f INT required flag, 0 for unset [0]
      -F INT filtering flag, 0 for unset [0]
      -q INT minimum mapping quality [0]
      -l STR only output reads in library STR [null]
      -r STR only output reads in read group STR [null]
      -s FLOAT fraction of templates to subsample; integer part as seed [-1]
      -? longer help


      1. By default, this command assumes the file on the command line is in
      the BAM format and it prints the alignments in SAM. If `-t' is
      applied, the input file is assumed to be in the SAM format. The
      file supplied with `-t' is SPACE/TAB delimited with the first two
      fields of each line consisting of the reference name and the
      corresponding sequence length. The `.fai' file generated by `faidx'
      can be used here. This file may be empty if reads are unaligned.

      2. SAM->BAM conversion: `samtools view -bT ref.fa in.sam.gz'.

      3. BAM->SAM conversion: `samtools view in.bam'.

      4. A region should be presented in one of the following formats:
      `chr1', `chr2:1,000' and `chr3:1000-2,000'. When a region is
      specified, the input alignment file must be an indexed BAM file.

      5. Option `-u' is preferred over `-b' when the output is piped to
      another samtools command.


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        Originally posted by AnushaC View Post
        sorry i mean
        fastq-dump -Z $1 | bowtie -v 3 -k 2 --sam $2 -|samtools faidx $2 -| samtools view -u -t -$3
        -t is used if you have a SAM file without a header, which isn't the case here. Also -u is mostly useful if you're then piping the output of samtools to something else that expects BAM as input. What you want is something like:

        fastq-dump -Z $1 | bowtie -v 3 -k 2 --sam $2 - | samtools view -bS -o $3 -


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          Forget the shell script for a moment. Can you get these commands to work by just typing them one at a time into the command line? You need to figure that out first, before you go stringing commands you don't understand into each other.


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            Hi swbarness ,
            these commands all working meaning my fastq dump ,bow tie and samtools view all i checked on command line . now i have a pipeline for converting single sam to bam file . Now i have 8 of those kind of file each in different subdirectory and in a directory now i want to iterate over each sam file . Hope u understood what i am saying .



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