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New mailing list for Bowtie, TopHat and related tools

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  • New mailing list for Bowtie, TopHat and related tools

    Hi all,

    My colleagues and I have started a mailing list to keep in touch with users of our tools about new releases and bug fixes. All of our tools are under very active development, with new features and fixes released often. If you are using any of the tools listed below, please consider subscribing to the mailing list.

    - Bowtie
    - TopHat
    - Cufflinks
    - Crossbow
    - CloudBurst
    - Contrail


    Cole Trapnell, Ben Langmead, and Mike Schatz

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    Sounds like a great idea

    L. Collado Torres, Ph.D. student in Biostatistics.


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      How about a list for questions?

      There is the option to use the 'Sequence Search Mailing List' (SSML):

      Which could server as a general place to aggregate users of different tools and facilitate the discovery of best practice. Sometimes a ML feels more appropriate than a forum, but I guess its down to users eventually.
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