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    Anybody used Google Genomics

    I'm thinking these are solved problems and I need to talk management off the ledge.

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    I was thinking of starting a discussion list for Google genomics (Google group). Anyone got any opinions?

    Anyone in yet? I'd quite like to try the tools if nothing else.
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      The Nature interview with David Altshuler about the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health explains a bit about the motivation:

      What came out of this week’s meeting?

      It was a big tent that brought together stakeholders to identify the most pressing problems the alliance would solve. For example, there is a set of file formats currently used that came out of the 1,000 Genomes Project because we needed it. We think the current generation requires not file formats but machine-readable application programmer interfaces (APIs), and this group is developing — together with academics and for-profit companies — an open-source public API for genome sequencing reads and for genetic variants. That’s a very concrete set of things that we think the field needs.

      Is this where Google fits in?

      It’s important to realize that the Alliance is 151 members, of which Google is one. We think it’s important to have all the best experts at the table.


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        Programmatic access to data in the ENA / GenBank is essential. Will you archive or just wrap that data?

        Will you build bespoke pipelines for typical analysis? If so, how will you reach community consensus on the best tool-suites to use?

        How about an 'app store' for bioinformatics analysis? I think that 'open performance evaluation' would be key.

        I'm thinking of starting a google-genomics-discuss forum would that be better than ad-hock discussion here?

        Homepage: Dan Bolser
        MetaBase the database of biological databases.