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Interpretation of FASTQC - Overrepresented Kmers

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  • Interpretation of FASTQC - Overrepresented Kmers

    Hello Everyone,

    I am very new at NGS data procesing and I have a problem with my quality results.

    Short summary about my experiment:
    My starting material is a low quantity of RNA. In first step we use Ovation RNA-Seq System V2 and after this we perform Nextera.

    From my MiSeq run I have got simmilar quality results for all my samples.

    What could You tell me about quality of my experiment. Does it look good enough?
    My initial Fastqc report indicates the presence of kmers?
    What can I do to improve kmers results.

    Is maybe something wrong with my sample preparation?

    I looked for similar images of kmers on forum with no result.
    If i could get some feed back on this, it would help a lot,
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