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NGS raw data urgently needed for student project processing

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  • NGS raw data urgently needed for student project processing

    Hello, I am giving a lecture on genomic analysis and I have to do a research project with the students starting from raw NGS sequences, so they can assemble, annotate, etc... Does anyone know where can I get freely available sequences (with no restrictions of academic usage) that are not already processed so they can write up a scientific paper of their research project without having any political issue?
    thank you very much
    it is kind of urgent

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    The sequence read archive


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      Can you further define "raw"?

      You can find data from Illumina on this page: I doubt there are any restrictions for use in teaching/academic pursuits (you probably can't publish a real paper).
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          thank you very much, that's very helpful, however I was thinking of genomes of new strains or metagenomic data.


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            You'll have a tough time finding freely-available pristine data that has never been used for anything. It makes little sense generate data on some new organism or community, and put it out for anyone to use in publications before actually using it yourself.