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small RNA from MAQC RNA samples?

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  • small RNA from MAQC RNA samples?

    Does anyone know where I can get access to small RNA/miRNA datasets from the Human Brain Reference RNA (Ambion) and the Universal Human Reference RNA (Stratagene) samples?

    I have searched several sources and even googled it and all I find is Whole Transcriptome datasets, but so far I am unable to find any small RNA datasets.

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    Sanger's miRBase has quite a few, but I'm not sure if they're from Ambion and Stratagene. You gotta read the FASTA descriptions.


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      You can browse/acess to small RNA/miRNA datasets from different tissues and cell lines of different organisms at deepBase database ( ), which we have developed to map, store, retrieve, annotate, integrate and visualize deep sequencing-derived small RNAs, and facilitate transcriptomic research and the discovery of novel ncRNAs.

      deepBase is available at:
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