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  • Annotating VCF files from GFF or .gbk files

    Hello all,

    I am trying to annotate VCF files using snpEff. I'm using a virus that doesn't have good gene annotations available so I had to build a custom database. That seemed to work well but when I actually try to do the annotation I'm not getting the amino acid changes called. Here is the output
    weger@IDANGS01:~/snpEff$ java -jar snpEff.jar dengue_DR59_2 /data/ebel_lab/Weger/Experiment_27/36_Exp/test/323-minority.vcf > 323-minority_ann.vcf -noGenome
    Error: Error while processing VCF entry (line 59) :
            gb:AB122022|Organism:Dengue     3152    .       C       CA      36.83   PASS    SN=0;STA=3152;STO=3152;TYP=INS;R1P=198;R1M=195;R2P=0;R2M=0;PPC=0;LS=54650;MQS=15536;MQM=42;BQS=13814;BQM=36;EDS=15658;EDM=75;IDS=385516;IDM=992;COV=18847;MCOV=-1;CED=601;HMP=0;DP=18847;AF=0.0209;RAF=0.0209;SB=1.0000;DP4=9226,9228,198,195      GT:DP:AD:AF:RAF:SB:SC:PF        1:18847:393:0.0209:0.0209:1.0000:36.83:PASS
    Error: Error while processing VCF entry (line 65) :
            gb:AB122022|Organism:Dengue     5915    .       C       CA      37.11   PASS    SN=0;STA=5915;STO=5915;TYP=INS;R1P=228;R1M=211;R2P=0;R2M=0;PPC=0;LS=61291;MQS=17579;MQM=42;BQS=15431;BQM=36;EDS=16893;EDM=75;IDS=431762;IDM=992;COV=7479;MCOV=-1;CED=601;HMP=0;DP=7479;AF=0.0587;RAF=0.0587;SB=0.9999;DP4=3512,3528,228,211        GT:DP:AD:AF:RAF:SB:SC:PF        1:7479:439:0.0587:0.0587:0.9999:37.11:PASS
    Error: Error while processing VCF entry (line 75) :
            gb:AB122022|Organism:Dengue     8469    .       C       CA      36.46   PASS    SN=0;STA=8469;STO=8469;TYP=INS;R1P=59;R1M=56;R2P=0;R2M=0;PPC=0;LS=16215;MQS=4113;MQM=41;BQS=4059;BQM=36;EDS=5218;EDM=75;IDS=111026;IDM=992;COV=5471;MCOV=-1;CED=601;HMP=0;DP=5471;AF=0.0210;RAF=0.0210;SB=0.9999;DP4=2677,2679,59,56       GT:DP:AD:AF:RAF:SB:SC:PF        1:5471:115:0.0210:0.0210:0.9999:36.46:PASS
    3 errors.
    The problem seems to be java.lang.NullPointerException. However, I'm not sure what this means.

    I have tried using different variant callers (lofreq and I have also tried annotating both a .gbk and a .gff3 file with the same result.

    Any thoughts?
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    Additional info:

    I reran using the -v option

    The program is not detecting the coding region which is clearly in the .gbk file.
    # Genome name : 'Dengue virus'
    # Genome version : 'dengue_DR59'
    # Genome ID : 'dengue_DR59[0]'
    # Has protein coding info : false
    # Has Tr. Support Level info : false
    # Genes : 0
    # Protein coding genes : 0
    # Transcripts : 0
    # Avg. transcripts per gene : NaN
    # Checked transcripts :
    # Protein coding transcripts : 0
    # Cds : 0
    # Exons : 0
    # Exons with sequence : 0
    # Exons without sequence : 0
    # Avg. exons per transcript : NaN
    # Number of chromosomes : 0
    # Chromosomes : Format 'chromo_name size codon_table'

    # WARNING! : No protein coding transcripts found.


    • #3
      Have you built a snpEff database from your genbank file (option 4 on this page)?


      • #4
        @GenoMax, yep, from both genbank and gff3, they give the same error.


        • #5
          Were any errors produced when you built the database using GBK files? Is your "chromosome name" matching in your alignments/VCF/annotation files?


          • #6
            So I rebuilt the database, here is the output

            weger@IDANGS01:~/snpEff$ java -jar snpEff.jar build -genbank -v dengue_DR59_2
            00:00:00 SnpEff version SnpEff 4.3o (build 2017-05-21 09:40), by Pablo Cingolani
            00:00:00 Command: 'build'
            00:00:00 Building database for 'dengue_DR59_2'
            00:00:00 Reading configuration file 'snpEff.config'. Genome: 'dengue_DR59_2'
            00:00:00 Reading config file: /home/weger/snpEff/snpEff.config
            00:00:00 done
            Chromosome: 'AB122022' length: 10723

            Create exons from CDS (if needed): .
            Exons created for 1 transcripts.

            Deleting redundant exons (if needed):
            Total transcripts with deleted exons: 0

            Collapsing zero length introns (if needed):
            Total collapsed transcripts: 0
            Adding genomic sequences to exons: Done (1 sequences added, 0 ignored).

            Adjusting transcripts:
            Adjusting genes:
            Adjusting chromosomes lengths:
            Ranking exons:
            Create UTRs from CDS (if needed):
            Remove empty chromosomes:

            Marking as 'coding' from CDS information:
            Done: 0 transcripts marked
            00:00:00 Caracterizing exons by splicing (stage 1) :

            00:00:00 Caracterizing exons by splicing (stage 2) :
            00:00:00 done.
            00:00:00 [Optional] Rare amino acid annotations
            00:00:00 Warning: Cannot read optional protein sequence file '/home/weger/snpEff/./data/dengue_DR59_2/protein.fa', nothing done.
            00:00:00 Protein check file: '/home/weger/snpEff/./data/dengue_DR59_2/genes.gbk'

            00:00:00 Checking database using protein sequences
            00:00:00 Reading proteins from file '/home/weger/snpEff/./data/dengue_DR59_2/genes.gbk'...
            00:00:00 done (1 Proteins).
            00:00:00 Comparing Proteins...
            '+' : OK
            '.' : Missing
            '*' : Error

            Protein check: dengue_DR59_2 OK: 1 Not found: 0 Errors: 0 Error percentage: 0.0%
            00:00:00 Saving database
            00:00:00 [Optional] Reading regulation elements: GFF
            00:00:00 Warning: Cannot read optional regulation file '/home/weger/snpEff/./data/dengue_DR59_2/regulation.gff', nothing done.
            00:00:00 [Optional] Reading regulation elements: BED
            00:00:00 Cannot find optional regulation dir '/home/weger/snpEff/./data/dengue_DR59_2/regulation.bed/', nothing done.
            00:00:00 [Optional] Reading motifs: GFF
            00:00:00 Warning: Cannot open PWMs file /home/weger/snpEff/./data/dengue_DR59_2/pwms.bin. Nothing done
            00:00:00 Done
            00:00:00 Logging
            00:00:01 Checking for updates...
            00:00:02 Done.

            At first it says it finds one transcript and then it says 0 are marked.

            Have you seen this before?


            • #7
              I have not used snpEff in this particular fashion.

              I still have a feeling that there is a mismatch between your files (gb:AB122022|Organism: Dengue seems to be in your VCF (and BAM?) where as snpEff probably is using just AB122022.


              • #8
                @GenoMax, (gb:AB122022|Organism: Dengue is the header for the fasta file. I will try to do a new alignment and variant calling with a fasta that has the exact same header as the .gbk. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks!


                • #9
                  Unfortunately it does not change the result.
                  weger@IDANGS01:~/snpEff$ java -Xmx4g -jar snpEff.jar dengue_DR59_2 /data/ebel_lab/Weger/Experiment_27/36_Exp/test/323.vcf > 323_ann.vcf -noGenome
                  Error: Error while processing VCF entry (line 93) :
                          AB122022        3152    .       C       CA      36.96   PASS    SN=0;STA=3152;STO=3152;TYP=INS;R1P=126;R1M=101;R2P=0;R2M=0;PPC=0;LS=31259;MQS=8723;MQM=42;BQS=7920;BQM=36;EDS=8773;EDM=75;IDS=221837;IDM=992;COV=3602;MCOV=-1;CED=601;HMP=0;DP=3602;AF=0.0630;RAF=0.0630;SB=0.9996;DP4=1675,1700,126,101    GT:DP:AD:AF:RAF:SB:SC:PF        1:3602:227:0.0630:0.0630:0.9996:36.96:PASS
                  Error: Error while processing VCF entry (line 138) :
                          AB122022        5915    .       C       CA      37.37   PASS    SN=0;STA=5915;STO=5915;TYP=INS;R1P=128;R1M=115;R2P=0;R2M=0;PPC=0;LS=33701;MQS=9517;MQM=42;BQS=8444;BQM=36;EDS=9499;EDM=75;IDS=238270;IDM=992;COV=2101;MCOV=-1;CED=601;HMP=0;DP=2101;AF=0.1157;RAF=0.1157;SB=0.9998;DP4=923,935,128,115      GT:DP:AD:AF:RAF:SB:SC:PF        1:2101:243:0.1157:0.1157:0.9998:37.37:PASS
                  Error: Error while processing VCF entry (line 157) :
                          AB122022        6711    .       G       GT      36.58   PASS    SN=0;STA=6711;STO=6711;TYP=INS;R1P=73;R1M=102;R2P=0;R2M=0;PPC=0;LS=24461;MQS=6085;MQM=42;BQS=5861;BQM=36;EDS=7838;EDM=75;IDS=167900;IDM=992;COV=3686;MCOV=-1;CED=601;HMP=0;DP=3686;AF=0.0475;RAF=0.0475;SB=0.9994;DP4=1770,1741,73,102      GT:DP:AD:AF:RAF:SB:SC:PF        1:3686:175:0.0475:0.0475:0.9994:36.58:PASS
                  Error: Error while processing VCF entry (line 197) :
                          AB122022        10389   .       C       CA      43.47   PASS    SN=0;STA=10389;STO=10389;TYP=INS;R1P=207;R1M=213;R2P=0;R2M=0;PPC=0;LS=59099;MQS=13515;MQM=42;BQS=14722;BQM=36;EDS=17184;EDM=75;IDS=399426;IDM=992;COV=526;MCOV=-1;CED=334;HMP=0;DP=526;AF=0.7985;RAF=0.7985;SB=0.9999;DP4=56,50,207,213     GT:DP:AD:AF:RAF:SB:SC:PF        1:526:420:0.7985:0.7985:0.9999:43.47:PASS
                  4 errors.
                  Last edited by GenoMax; 06-01-2017, 04:49 AM.


                  • #10
                    Are you using Java 1.8?


                    • #11
                      Hmm, nope its 1.7.0_25. I wasn't aware that snpEff needed 1.8. I will update and get back to you with results. Thanks!


                      • #12
                        @Genomax, awesome, with those changes it worked! I really appreciate your help.


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