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Subsample regions of too high coverage

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  • Subsample regions of too high coverage

    Hi all,

    Do you think there is an efficient way of downsampling only a few regions of a bam files (in my case the regions with a too high coverage).

    The idea, would be too randomly remove reads in regions where the coverage is above a given coverage.

    Indeed, in my analyses, those regions cause some steps of the pipeline to become really slow.

    Thanks for all your suggestions...

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    OK... I just ran into a great tool that seems to do exactly what I wanted. It is called VariantBam (,

    ./variant highcoveragebam.bam -m maxcoverage -o reducedmaxcoveragebam.bam -b

    I hope it will be useful for some of you.


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      Thank you for the suggestion. It works great!