2-day Technical Training in NGS Data Analysis | DNA, RNA & MetaGenomics in Dubai
When: 6-7 April 2020
Where: Executive Lounge, Business Centre, Level 30, The H Hotel-Office Tower, #1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
This will be our 6th event in Dubai

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PRACTICAL APPLICATION: In the workshop, we will perform 3 experiments to analyze the example RNASeq, DNASeq & MetaGenomics data. Hands-on exercises will be performed individually using software tools on your own laptops. No prior software experience is required.

In this lesson, we will focus on the SNPs and Variant Calling (VC) of the DNASeq data and cover:
  • Deal with the raw data for quality evaluation and filtering
  • Map reads to the reference genomes, call SNPs and predict their phenotype consequence
  • Alignment to a reference genome, SNPs and In-dels Calling of next-generation sequencing DNA data


In this lesson, we will focus on the Differential expression of Genes (DEGs) of the RNASeq data and will cover:
  • Upload Data
  • Convert File Format
  • Align Reads To Reference Genome
  • View The Mapped Reads In JBrowse
  • Count Reads Per Gene
  • Test For Differential Expression
  • Differential Gene Expression
  • MDS Plot
  • MA Plot
  • Volcano Plot
  • Parallel Coordinates and Heatmap
  • Investigate Differentially-Expressed Genes
  • Chord Diagram

In this lesson, we will focus on the MetaGenomics Analysis in 16S rRNA | Amplicon Sequencing Data Analysis (OTUs) and will cover:
  • File Optimization- Loading of data & optimizing it according to our experiment.
  • Quality Control- Check sequencing quality
  • Sequence Alignment- Grouping/Alignment of reads
  • Extraction of Taxonomic Information- Operational Taxonomic Units (OTUs)- Clustering Sequences
  • Visualization- Examine diversity of species/taxa present within a single sample, Comparison of species/taxa diversity between two samples & Taxonomic Diversity- How many species are in a sample? What are the differences in species between samples?