EMBL Conference
Omics and Personalised Health
EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Thursday 16 February - Saturday 18 February 2012

Genomic, proteomic and other systems-wide molecular data are rapidly
becoming available for individuals. This raises the expectation of
personalised medicine and health management. However, genomic
information has thus far made little impact on clinical practice,
because of a number of challenges. These challenges include the
complexity of genetic variations and their impact on phenotype, and the
difficulty to validate robust biomarkers. The approaches to address
these challenges will be discussed, including the use of experimental
models for understanding functional effects of genomic variation, new
genome-based diagnostics and treatments, prognostic prediction
modelling, and realities of health care practice.

This conference brings together scientists who study complex
disease-related phenotypes with systems approaches in experimental
models and in human cohorts, and those seeking to translate the
approaches into practice.

Topics overview:
  • Genomic variation
  • Omics-derived biomarkers
  • Personal genomes and pharmacy
  • Model systems
  • Personal health management, economics, ethics