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Cloud Computing for the Life Sciences

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  • Cloud Computing for the Life Sciences

    I'll be hosting an free, 60 minute webinar focusing on cloud computing for life science and pharmaceutical research. I hope you can join us!

    When: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM GMT
    Where: Online webinar
    Hosted by: Amazon Web Services
    Registration: Free - click here to register


    Rapid innovation has driven a dramatic increase in data production and throughput for Life Science research, which has required ever more complex, flexible and collaborative approaches in information technology to better understand disease.

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) supports a wide range of Life Science research with a scalable, cost-effective, flexible and secure cloud computing platform. This platform is being used by bioinformaticians, software developers and IT departments as they work with complex datasets and the fast-moving, collaborative demands of modern research.

    We invite you to join us on September 22 at 10:00 AM (UK Time) to discuss the benefits and challenges of using cloud computing to store, process and share the increasingly complex data and services commonly developed in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries.

    In this 60 minute web-based seminar, we’ll aim to cover:

    * Best practices for working with on-demand infrastructure Cost
    * effective data storage and service availability High performance
    * computing in the cloud Security, certification and responsibility
    * Extending existing infrastructure into the cloud

    Using real world case studies and tried and tested examples, we’ll introduce key concepts and best practices for working with on-demand infrastructure. We’ll also outline some recent projects from well known customers working in the industry, and give plenty of guidance on how to reduce cost and increase flexibility with cloud computing.

    Click here to register

  • #2
    Can this be accessed afterward for US folks or repeated? 3AM is a bit early.


    • #3
      Or a bit too late the previous day. Seriously, I would like to join in, if possible. Will this be taped/archived?


      • #4
        seconding shurjo's thoughts here, I know I for one would appreciate if it is archived, as I would really like to see this, but will not be available that early.


        • #5
          Yes i missed to join in this webinar. When it will be a next? Currently we are doing various services like erp solution, erp on cloud, cloud computing etc..


          • #6
            I missed it also, can you tell me when will be the next one?