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Problems with Fluidigm array for making Chip qPCR

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  • Problems with Fluidigm array for making Chip qPCR

    Dear people...
    I have a chIP for knowing the targets of one maize transcription factor. We have a Fludigm plataform in our Center but I have been trying to use the Fluidigm array (48x48) for making real time qPCR amplification using my chip samples and 48 targets primers and I donĀ“t have a good results, the replicates techniques are no ok, I think that I have less of 1 ng/ul in each sample, maybe is this the problem?, on the other hand, I am using SYBR Green (because I have the primers for SYBR). Somebody has used the Fluidigm for making Chip qPCR? Could somebody please send me a protocol for trying to do again the experiment?. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance guys!!
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    You should contact [email protected] he would be happy to help with anything access array related