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can some one introduce me to next generation sequencing??

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  • can some one introduce me to next generation sequencing??

    Hello Everybody,

    I'm new to this field. and feel gr8 to be part of this forum.

    Can anyone tell me about the existing sequencers platforms available? How does the data generated from different sequencers differ?

    What really the next generation sequencing aims at?


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    Please take a minute to search and read up on this site and elsewhere before posting such a general question in the Bioinformatics forum. The answers to all your questions are posted here, and are easily accessible via sites like

    Moving this to General.


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      Thank you ECO... I'll do so


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        well, although there is google, it would be pretty useful to put several links about general introduction for the technologies in a thread to the top of this "General" forum as "important" for the newbies...

        i can think at least those topics are needed for a newbie:
        1. how those technologies work and their history or so
        2. a comparison concerning quantity, quality, time consumption, cost...
        3. how to analyze the sequences
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          NAture Biotech:
          Next-Generation DNA sequencing by Jan Shendure and Hanlee Ji

          Good luck