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  • Qiagen DNeasy 96 alternative

    Has anyone found a different supplier or alternative 96-well plate extraction kit to the Qiagen DNeasy 96? I don't see any way to get the 96-well silica column plates outside of in the kit. I do see a line of QIAprep 96 plates but they are advertised for plasmid DNA isolation and not genomic DNA. Does anyone buy the reagents in bulk and the plate columns from another manufacturer?


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    Hi, multiple companies offer spin columns and spin plates.


    I have not used these myself but colleagues were successful with these.
    I assume there is nothing special about the Qiagen column matrix.


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      Takara Bio distributes Macherey Nagel products. They tend to have products that are 1 for 1 replacements for Qiagen cleanup kits.


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