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the magical banner on the top right of this page :D

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  • the magical banner on the top right of this page :D

    I'm wondering if following thing happens to some of you too (btw I'm using Kubuntu 10.10):

    Theres a promotion banner on the top right of the SEQanswers forum. Sometimes I see this banner also in other applications (eg pdf viewer or texteditor - but not in the terminal or on the desktop) - even after turning off the internet browser (firefox), the banner appears magically in the other applications (restarting the programs does not change anything). In addition it is even still animated ?! The only way to get rid of this banner is to restart the desktop (restarting X-server may also work - but never tried)...

    and no - it did not happen in any other case so far. Only this one banner on the SEQanswers forum behaves this way...

    Anybody an idea how this can happen?