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Chip-seq or Medip-seq not for C57BL/6 but Balb/c

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  • Chip-seq or Medip-seq not for C57BL/6 but Balb/c

    Hello all.
    I am always enjoying this site and this is my first posting.

    Now I am interested in epigenetics of lymphocytes.
    For analyzing the influence of gene-deletion (knock out) on epigenetics
    I would like to use genetically modified mice whose back ground is
    balb/c not c57bl/g/6. But reference sequence information mm9 is
    mainly made by sequencing C57BL/6j mice.

    So I am worrying about the genetic difference between
    balb/c and C57bl/6. Maybe important region is conserved, but there
    are several regions not conserved between c57bl/6 and balb/c.

    If there is anyone who have experience of analyzing balb/c with
    chip-seq or medip-seq, Please advise me on this issue.

    Thank you for your time.

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    A bit of a delay from the date of your post


    I'm just in reply to find out if you were able to work with MeDIP-seq using balb/c mice DNA?

    If so do you know what the cost is per sample?