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    Greetings to members

    Hi, I just joined the University of Exeter and planning to do RNASeq work on rice-blast fungus (Magnaporthe). The technique and analysis are quite new to me; so please excuse my basic questions.


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      hello all

      bioinformatics core director here with some questions, looking for advice

      we have recently acquired the GS-FLX and the SoLiD. We are constructing a pricing model. Simple question: would you expect the cost of analysis (say, alignment and annotation) to scale linearly within a project; i.e., will a project that requires two chips cost twice as much to perform data analysis for as a project that requires one chip). Assuming one sample per chip.

      We have created regulatory compliant cost structures for genomics and proteomics. But only starting with the first project on SoLId, and, of course we are getting request for cost estimates for data analysis for grant proposals and for funded projects.

      Any feedback would be appreciated.


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        Hi everyone, I'm from SBRI in Seattle and I'm doing RNAseq work with malaria.


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          Hi everyone!

          I'm from Montpellier in South of France.

          My work refers to:
          Development in Bioinformatics ;
          Comparative genomics;
          Short reads assembly using solexa reads and next-gen sequencing tech's reads.

          Bye !


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            Hey users of the next generation

            I am Tim, a doctoral student in Marburg. My intention of using 454 sequencing is to investigate gut microbiota with the help of 16S rRNA genes. I am struggling with the data handling because in every publication it is done differently. Hence, I hope to find answers to my open questions in this community.


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              I'm Sebastian from Berlin and will (hopefully) do some whole transcriptome analysis in the near future.



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                Hi everibody.
                My name is wanglei, I'm a biologist. I'm currently working in the institute of plant biology in fudan university(china).We are using ABI SOLID 3 mainly for resequencing.


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                  Hi, I am Sarah. I am based in South Africa. I am preparing for my PhD studies that will involve a great deal of genome sequencing and analysis using bioinformatic tools. I am currently assembling Illumina/SOLEXA generated ESTs reads with an aim of identifying SNP's.

                  I joined this forum to exchange ideas on the bioinformatics analysis and to network as well


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                    This is David writing from maryland, us. Just taking a graduate class on hts, ngs, sgs, tgs, or whatever label you want to slap on it. Fascinating stuff. I am a graduate student working in a biochemical engineering lab and am specifically interested in cool experiments using new sequencing technologies as they relate to exploring the various omes in bacteria. There are no hts resources on my campus, but possibly in labs nearby.


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                      Hi everyone


                      I'm graduate student of Yale. I'm very glad to find this.


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                        Hi, my name is Nienke, I am working in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) as a bioinformatician. I am developing inhouse programs to analyse sequencing data. We have 2 sequencers in our department, 1 454 FLX Titanium and 1 Solid machine.


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                          Hi everyone,

                          My name is Shilo and I work in the Sequencing Facility at the University of Cambridge. We got our 454 in April 2008 and it sure was a big adjustment after many, many years of Sanger sequencing. We've had a few ups and downs and it would have been great if I'd discovered this site sooner!


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                            Hey everyone,

                            I've just started my PhD in London, will be working on re-sequencing projects and RNA-seq using Solexa to investigate variation and its effects in bacteria. Previously I worked in the sequencing unit at the Sanger Institute, Camb. This site has helped me out a few times already!


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                              I'm from Taiwan, This is realy a great place to find answers for my questions, although my questions are not asked yet. Thanks you all!


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                                Hello from Milano

                                Hello everybody, I am Alessandro from Genomnia, Milano, Italy. I used to work on 454 data analysis and I am now involved with SOLiD. I hope we will have an useful exchange of ideas !