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New NGS Vendor in South America (Universal Sequencing)



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  • New NGS Vendor in South America (Universal Sequencing)

    Universal Sequencing Technology Corporation (dba UST Corporation) is an innovative U.S. based biotechnology company based in Greater Boston, MA and San Diego, CA. UST is dedicated to the development of the most advanced, accurate and cost effective DNA/RNA sequencing technologies. We developed an NGS transposase based TELL-Seq linked read library prep kit technology. TELL-Seq enables short read 2nd generation sequencing platforms, such as Illumina sequencers, to produce super long read results (average 40kb, up to 200kb or longer). It is accurate and cost effective. The process is simple and fast. A sequencing ready Illumina library can be prepared in a PCR tube in 3 hours. It requires ultra low DNA input, 0.1-0.5ng for bacteria and target sequencing panels, and 3-5ng for whole human genomes. This is commercially available. Reach out to me for more information at [email protected]

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