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Postdoc/Research Engineer - Systems Biology/Software Dev - CSIRO, Sydney, Australia

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  • Postdoc/Research Engineer - Systems Biology/Software Dev - CSIRO, Sydney, Australia

    Position open until 11:30 pm AEST on 21 October 2012.

    Role Overview

    CSIRO Animal, Food and Health Sciences are looking for an enthusiastic Postdoctoral Fellow or research engineer who will work as part of a growing and dynamic multidisciplinary team to develop novel computational methodology and software for applications in genomics and bioinformatics. The successful candidate will work under the supervision of a Systems Engineer / Computational Biologist and use their own creativity to develop noise suppression and complexity reduction techniques for genomic datasets, and accommodate these in a software package to be used by bioinformaticians and biologists.
    The candidate will contribute to the development work in MATLAB and Python, and will be chiefly responsible for writing the accommodating software packages. This is a fairly complex project with a sequence of deliverables spread across a wide timeline. This project will also be a platform to develop dynamical systems theory based approaches to systems biology. This will include an analytical integration of various genomic data types (e.g. differential expression, epigenetics, copy number, genetics) to establish an understanding of biological function at a typically higher, more global level which is pertinent to the research objective.

    Duties and Key Result Areas
    • Work collaboratively with scientists to develop software in Python for exploratory data analysis and interactive visualisation of genomic data.
    • Create, develop and implement methods for dimensionality reduction and feature selection approaches to genomic data.
    • Introduce and develop novel concepts and ideas for exploiting interactive plotting to aid exploratory data analysis.
    • Port prototype MATLAB code to Python and incorporate it in the software framework.
    • Assist in analysing data from various genomic datasets using this new software.
    • Prepare a description of the software and results of analysis for presentation at conferences and publication in refereed journals.
    • Write unit tests, document the software and prepare content for a user manual and wiki.
    • Provide training for interested user groups.
    • Assist in project management and planning as part of the project team.
    • Participate in CSIRO’s Postdoctoral Fellow Training Program which aims to train early career scientists for a research role.

    How to Apply

    Please apply for this position online before 22 October 2012 at The position reference number is: NSW12/03084. The position details are available here.