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Job - Senior Software Developer / Bioinformatician (Genome Annotation and Analysis)



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  • Job - Senior Software Developer / Bioinformatician (Genome Annotation and Analysis)

    Applications are invited for a Senior Software Developer/Bioinformatician to join the Core Bioinformatics Group at the Earlham Institute (EI), based in Norwich, UK.

    see https://www.earlham.ac.uk/senior-sof...n-and-analysis for full job posting

    This post will focus on developing novel computational tools and pipelines for large scale annotation of genes and other genomic features across a diverse range of species including plants, mammals, fish and protists.

    This role will have responsibility for leading the development of EI's genome annotation pipelines and supporting large scale annotation / analysis projects. A key focus will be continuing the development of REAT - EI's Robust and Extendable eukaryotic Annotation Toolkit (https://github.com/EI-CoreBioinformatics/reat), building new workflows to address specific challenges relevant to the annotation of protist and plant genomes including annotation of non-culturable protists using single cell data.

    The role will develop scalable and robust methods to annotate eukaryotic species with large, repeat rich and polyploid genomes, utilising data from cutting edge sequencing technologies including PacBio IsoSeq and Nanopore.