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    The Livestock Gentech Centre at the University of Alberta is seeking a Research Associate to join its bioinformatics team. Researchers at Livestock Gentech are involved in cutting-edge research aimed at using high-throughput sequencing, genotyping, and phenotyping to increase livestock animal health and productivity. The centre brings together scientists from a diverse range of disciplines (molecular biology, quantitative genetics, statistics, bioinformatics, genomics) and has excellent laboratory and computing facilities, including multiple next-generation sequencing instruments and a dedicated bioinformatics computing cluster.

    We are seeking a Research Associate to join an international consortium applying genomics to help reduce the impact of two of the most common diseases in commercial pig production - Porcine Circovirus Associated Disease and Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome. The project will study mechanisms in pigs that make them genetically less susceptible to these diseases, providing important new diagnostic tools for breeders and expanding our understanding of disease control mechanisms. This work will lead to new strategies for disease control in addition to new drugs, improved vaccines, and a safer food chain by reducing the use of antibiotics.


    *Convert next-generation sequencing (NGS) reads obtained from hundreds of samples to measures of gene expression.

    *Use gene expression patterns to predict disease resistance in animals with unknown phenotypes.

    *Work with other project members to identify genes and pathways associated with disease resistance.

    *Write scripts (Perl, bash, R) to automate analysis procedures.

    *Modify existing in-house or open-source software to better suit the needs of the project.

    *Oversee the work of junior members of the bioinformatics team.

    *Decide on the best approaches for data analysis and provide recommendations to other team members regarding deficiencies in experimental data.

    *Prepare reports summarizing analytical approaches used, results obtained, and conclusions drawn.

    *Assist with the preparation of manuscripts and deposition of data into public databases.


    *A PhD in molecular biology, bioinformatics, computing science, or related discipline.

    *Excellent understanding of gene structure and gene expression.

    *Strong programming skills, with demonstrated expertise in Perl.

    *Experience with major bioinformatics APIs, programs, and databases.

    *Proficient working with genome-scale data sets in a command-line environment.

    *Able to adapt to rapidly changing technologies and analysis tools.

    *Vigilant about data documentation and code testing.

    *Strong communication skills as demonstrated by productive collaborations and publications in referred journals.


    Edmonton, Alberta



    How to apply:

    Send a CV and a brief summary of your relevant experience by email to Dr. Paul Stothard ([email protected]). Please include the text “RA1c-genomics and animal health” in the subject line.