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Director of Bioinformatics IT



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  • Director of Bioinformatics IT

    Sequencing.com is growing and we're looking for innovative leaders to join our team!

    How to Apply
    Everything you need to transform your DNA into clear solutions for better health. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) kits + DNA Reports + Privacy Forever protection.

    • Virtual / Telecommute: 80%
    • Travel within California: 10%
    • Travel outside of California: 10%

    Competitive compensation package + Stock options + Growth opportunities

    Job Description
    As Director of Bioinformatics IT, you will be responsible for implementing and managing the bioinformatics IT initiatives of Sequencing.com.

    The Director will work collaboratively with Executive Management and the IT Team of developers to manage, optimize and evolve the company’s bioinformatics IT system. This includes being the team lead for the Bioinformatics IT Team, which consists of day-to-day management of backend, frontend and cloud systems.

    As Director of Bioinformatics, you will join our ambitious, entrepreneurial team in designing, building and managing APIs and apps that turn genetic data into useful information.

    We’re looking for a bioinformatics programmer who has the passion and imagination to help us turn massive amounts of unstructured and semi-structured data into knowledge, insights, and useful information for bioinformaticians, researchers, healthcare professionals and individuals.

    Position reports to the CEO.

    • Lead the Bioinformatics IT team including a team of backend, frontend and cloud software developers
    • Manage and optimize the day-to-day performance, scalability and user experience of the Sequencing.com platform
    • Oversee integration of new apps from 3rd party app developers and 3rd party sites into Sequencing.com's App Market
    • Use your scientific background, coding expertise and creativity to develop and launch new apps and improve existing apps in Sequencing.com’s App Market
    • Maintain, develop, optimize and grow API and app pipeline
    • Improve the platform's universal genetic data compatibility including searching for and optimizing compatibility for previously unseen and new genetic data formats
    • Find, structure, integrate, and maintain a large number of genomics reference datasets
    • Develop and run internal bioinformatics product validation efforts including continuous integration testing
    • Write technical guides and create demos for end-users

    • PhD, PhD-candidate or Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology or related fields
    • High-performing programmer and bioinformatician with demonstrated exceptional communication, organization, and time-management skills
    • 2+ years experience working in data-intensive environments such as a personal genomics company, bioinformatics cores, NGS labs, molecular diagnostic R&D labs, etc.
    • Fluency in at least one or more of the following: C#/.NET or C++, java and php
      • Preferred but not required to have fluency in one or more of the following: shell scripts, perl, python, objective-C and swift
    • Experience with
      • developing and using APIs (both within and outside genomics)
      • creating scripts and apps for analyzing genetic data
      • SQL databases
      • No-SQL databases
      • Cloud environments and horizontal scalability
    • Extensive experience with
      • human genetics, statistics, algorithms and data analyses
      • computational biology/bioinformatics such as biological sequence analysis and analysis of human next-generation sequencing data
      • a wide-range of genetic data formats including FASTQ, FASTA, SEQUENCE, BAM, SAM, CRAM, AVRO, ADAM, gVCF, VCF, txt, etc.
      • primary, secondary and tertiary analysis of human genetic data including WGS, exome and microarray datasets
      • working with (parsing, analyzing, utilizing) common large biological datasets such as dbSNP, dbGAP, UCSC, ENCODE, TCGA, OMIM, ClinVar
      • open source genomics tools such as SamTools, Isaac, BowTie2, TopHat, GEMINI, ADAM, etc.
    • Self-starter and goal-oriented with ability to work independently and thrive in an entrepreneurial virtual environment
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Experience working with software developers
    • Ability and desire to participate in cross functional teams to launch new products and investigate customer issues

    About Sequencing.com
    Sequencing.com is an online platform for transforming genetic data into useful information. We provide free, unlimited storage of genetic data as well as the world's first App Store for DNA.

    Sequencing.com's HIPAA-compliant platform allows people to securely store, analyze and share their genetic data. It's the world's first agnostic platform for genetic data, meaning it operates seamlessly using the genetic data produced by any genetic test. The platform includes an App Market that allows individuals, researchers, bioinformaticians and healthcare professionals to tap into genetic data for deep and rich insights.

    Apps in Sequencing.com's App Market allow people unlock genetic data's tremendous value. Over 25 apps are available for immediate use, with several more in development from industry-leading app development companies.

    Sequencing.com's App Market includes apps that process, analyze and interpret genetic data. For individuals, the Wellness & Longevity app generates lifestyle recommendations for optimal health. The Healthcare Pro app gives physicians access to actionable and easy-to-use genetic reports. Meanwhile, the EvE Free app enables researchers and bioinformaticians to perform free primary, secondary and tertiary analysis of genetic data including alignment, variant calling, annotation and interpretation.

    Patent-pending Technology
    Sequencing.com’s platform includes patent-pending Real-Time Personalization® (+RTP) technology. This API technology enables Sequence Once, Query OftenTM by allowing app developers without any knowledge of genetics to be able to easily add genetically tailored personalization to their apps.

    Sequencing.com is a fast-paced, tech-savvy and virtual early-stage company with team members based throughout the world. We care about innovative ideas, hard work and solving challenging problems through ingenuity.

    Our team comes from different backgrounds and we take learning, communication and growth seriously. You'll fit in well at Sequencing.com if you love teaching yourself whatever you need to get the job done, but you're not afraid to ask the team for help.

    We love
    • Moving at a fast pace
    • Open source
    • Using the latest coding technologies
    • Attention to detail
    • Not re-creating the wheel (ie fast solutions using bootstrap libraries, templates and open source code)
    • Making code modular and reusable
    • Working in virtual environments
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    Additional information about Sequencing.com job post

    Based on questions we've been receiving, here's clarification about job location:

    While it is a positive if you live in California, this position will work primarily via a virtual environment so you can be located anywhere in the world.


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