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GENOS $399 DTC WES CLIA Genos offers affordable CLIA exome sequencing to consumer

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  • GENOS $399 DTC WES CLIA Genos offers affordable CLIA exome sequencing to consumer

    Genos offers $399 Whole Exome Sequencing with CLIA certificate to Consumers.


    What is Genos about?
    Purchase a DNA kit and discover your exome, which is the most revealing part of your genome.
    - High-quality whole exome sequencing
    - Enriched data visualization tools to browse your genomic data
    - Personalized sessions with board-certified genetic counselors at preferred rates
    - Educational content, including interactive tutorials

    Browse inspiring and cutting edge research being conducted on the Genos platform. For studies of interest, choose to share your data with distinguished researchers. Studies will begin in Fall 2016.

    You will be fairly compensated for sharing data that’s rightly yours when researchers accept your request to participate in a study.

    Join Genos

    Technical Details:
    1. Our sequencing is conducted in a CLIA certified Lab.
    2. We are using Agilent SureSelect commercial enrichment chip, ~50mb targeted regions.
    3. We use Illumina HiSeq Platform, PE 100.
    4. We require 75x on-target depth (after reads are filtered for adapters, mapped, duplicates marked.), which is defined as on-target yield / target size. The raw throughput (raw data off the sequencer) may have about 130x-140x or higher.
    5. We also have very high requirements on uniformity, e.g. very high percentage requirements on 1x and 20x loci. We will communicate the numbers individually for now. The uniformity requirements are higher than most of the research projects published.
    6. We require samples have to match BOTH 75x and uniformity requirements.
    7. Deliverable to consumers: VCF (with SNP and indels and no-calls (regions not covered by sequencing or not confident to call))
    8. Deliverables to researchers: (if the researcher sets up a study and consumers contribute and consent to give their data): VCF, self-reported phenotypic data.

    Join Genos

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    TechCruch Report on us:
    Genetics startup Genos wants to pay you for your DNA data


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