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deCODEme service updates, Nov. 23

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  • deCODEme service updates, Nov. 23

    Just received an email from deCODEme entailing some enhancements to their service. They now accept non-paypal payments, and have no more restrictions to where they can ship their collection kits in the US. Text of the email follows below:

    Thank you for being one of the first visitors to deCODEme,
    the world's first globally available service that enables individuals
    to get a detailed look at their own genome - presented by the
    scientists who found the genes.

    It has been an exciting week since our launch and we would
    like to share some news with you about new and improved
    features on the deCODEme website:

    **No restrictions on availability in the US**
    We are happy to announce that we have now lifted any
    restrictions on the availability of our service in certain
    US states. You can now purchase our service anywhere on
    Earth no matter where you live or want your sample kit shipped.

    Visit to order a sample kit today.

    **More payment methods on our website**
    There are now two ways to pay for your order on our website.
    We are still supporting PayPal secure services. We have also
    added a new payment method through our secure payment
    services, where we can accept all major credit cards.

    Visit to order with the new method.

    It has been a thrilling and exciting week as the response to
    deCODEme has been extremely strong and positive. Orders
    keep flowing in and our web servers are chugging away,
    happily accepting the enormous load of daily visitors from
    all corners of the world. We rushed kits to our first customers
    on Monday morning and are thrilled to report that the first
    customer samples have already been received by our laboratories.

    Thank you for your continuing support. We welcome your
    feedback and look forward to presenting more exciting
    discoveries and new features in the coming days and weeks.

    The deCODEme team.

    Visit our website:
    Questions/Feedback? Please e-mail mailto:[email protected]