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Quarterly Update Meeting 27/5/9 CRI Lecture Theatre 5-6PM

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  • Quarterly Update Meeting 27/5/9 CRI Lecture Theatre 5-6PM

    Hi Everyone,
    I hope you can join us again for the next quarterly meeting of high throughput sequencing users in the Cambridge area. Our meeting has grown significantly and we have moved into the lecture theatre at CRI, as such there is no need to register although this does mean we may run out of Pizza or beer if everyone shows up!

    Please do stay on for the food and drinks as this is a great chance to talk to other users about what are the latest developments in protocols an analysis methods.

    There will be three short presentations as well as a brief update on how things are going and what you can expect if you are working with the CRI bank of machines.

    James Hadfield: Brief update. (Genomics CRI)
    Vincent Plangol: RNAseq. (John Todd group Cambridge Institute for Medical Research)
    Atilla Molnar: (David Baulcombe group Department of Plant Sciences)
    Richard Kemp: (Doug Winton group Cambridge Research Institute)

    I would also like to ask you to think about the impact and relevance of a one day meeting focussing on sample prep and applications of next-gen sequencing. This would be a similar format to the Bioinformatics meeting yesterday. I have listed some possible topics below and would appreciate your feedback on this. I would envisage a 5-10 minute presentation from someone with lots of experience giving their recommendations on each topic. This would be followed by a moderated open floor discussion hopefully resulting in a consensus of how best to approach the question. If we go ahead I will ask for volunteers to form an organising committee to help plan the day. I would aim for early September so if you know of conflicting conference or meetings around then please let me know.

    Topics for discussion/presentation:
    Library quality control and quantification.
    SE vs PE library prep.
    Sample input requirements.
    Illumina vs DIY sample prep.
    Multiplexing Genome partitioning: microarray hyb
    selection, lrPCR, MIP, RainDance, Agilent OLS, etc.

    RNA-seq: oligodT vs Ribominus, stranded or not, SE vs PE, size
    selection, etc. Structural variation: what insert size(s) to use?
    ChIP-seq: similar questions to above but relevant to ChIP experiments.
    SmallRNA-seq: similar questions to above but relevant to SmallRNA experiments.

    Would you be interested in attending or even leading a session? Would a one day meeting be too much or too little? How 'open' would you want this meeting to be; our email list, Cambridge or UK wide. Would you prefer a focus on Illumina technology or discussion on some of the competition?


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    Hi James,

    It sounds very exciting and useful, though cross-continent travel would be costly . Any chance these meetings have web resources like slides/talks? Those are all very useful topics to talk about..