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Junior vs FLX kits

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  • Junior vs FLX kits

    Is anyone else using both a Junior and a FLX system? Have you noticed a difference in the cpb when moving from one kit to the other? It looks like we need to lower the cpb when moving from the FLX to the Junior, but we woud like confirmation that others are seeing that too.

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    Haven't used a Jr kit, but I do notice inconsistencies between the various sized emPCR kits for the FLX, so it's probably a similar phenomenon. I usually decrease the cpb slightly when going from the SV titration to the MV or LV bulk rxns. It doesn't always work out this way though.


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      hi Suefo,

      I've used both. We used 2cbp for Junior and 3cpb for FLX (or ligated library in both cases) and it seemed to work well.


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        Hi, does everyone use the emPCR Lib-A MV kit for GS Junior run? (we can perform the run 4 times). And how long does the kit last since the date it opened? Thank you!