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OTF Ti signal processing

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  • OTF Ti signal processing

    Last week, we ran our first Ti plate with the signal processing during the run (vs. doing only image collection then signal afterwards). The images were all collected properly and looked likel signal processing was fine until ~step 130 where it caused the SW to crash and kick out to the adminrig login screen with the red flashing light. I logged back in and took the images and did runAnalysisPipe and everything was fine. Any similar experience for others?

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    What version of the Newbler pipeline do you have?


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      we're running We've recently noticed too that the signal processing is not completing (i.e. no Wells tab/information) so we have to do the signal processing on the datarig (same SW but no problems).


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        I was hoping someone else would reply with a more authoritative answer. However, I have a vague recollection from a local next gen meeting of someone mentioning this was a known issue with a recent Newbler update (hence my question about which version you were using).

        I'd suggest you check with your Roche contact to see if this is the case.