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Nextera V2 sequences

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    Well I guess we can allways sue them... I mean it was in the tender for our machine


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      I guess that is how the cookie crumbles, eh? You should have gone Ion. I have no problem getting the sequences for simple things like this for my PGM. They have it all in their "closed community" or you can harass their support guys who end up sharing it with you.

      Good luck!


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        Originally posted by aleferna View Post
        yeap although according to support those are NOT the sequencing primers, those are the old ones, the new ones are still "secret". Why do they send this generic ill conceived document with all the sequences that I already had? Why not just Nextera - sequences, MiSeq - sequences, TruSeq ????? must they make everything so complicated?

        We have to order some adapters for these sequences for a custom protocol and we've been fighting for this for a month and with all this versions I'm not sure which one to order.
        The new letter, near as I can tell (and please correct me if I am missing something) does have the complete structure/sequence of the Nextera v2 "adapters" and the approximate positions of the sequencing primers.

        So, is that enough to create your own adapters for a custom protocol? Seems like it should be.

        I do share your apparent anger with Illumina for the way they are handling this. But seems like nearly everything is spelled out now?