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    Can anyone point me in the direction of a post or publication that lists how the droplet size for emPCR, the bead size and the well dimensions of the various Ion chips vary? Are all of the droplets formed (between chip types) at the same dimensions? If so, what size is that? The beads must change size as the wells become smaller, so perhaps that has an impact on the associated droplet size required? Certainly it would make sense that you need an awful lot more droplets emPCRing the material destined for a PII chip (660 million wells), rather than a diminutive 314. And how do these factors impact the final loading of the bead, in terms of copies of clonally amplified material attached to an individual, chip-specific bead?

    Any information would be much appreciated.


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    I only have part of what you're looking for, namely, well dimensions; and unfortunately it doesn't cover the PII. However, here it is:

    Oh, edit - here's a very nice thread here in Seqanswers with beautiful SEM images of the chips:
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