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Size of the output promethION v. minION



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  • Size of the output promethION v. minION

    Hey All,
    I am designing an upcoming metagenomics experiment and wanted to ask the community about particular data outputs. I have several samples from similar geographic locations and wanted to look into maximizing coverage. Each sample has ~1ug DNA. The goal is to maximize the amount of genomes with 30x coverage. Using 16s data, and a brief calculation (with many assumptions) I need 18Gbp outputs for each sample if sequenced alone (one strategy I have is to also barcode and pool as there may be common genomes between sample sites). The R10.4 flowcell/chemistry kit in the literature seems to put out near the 18Gbp on metagenomic samples.

    The question I have is, if I were to sequence on a promethION (send off to center) vs minION can I expect the same amount of data output given the amount of starting DNA is fixed i.e. 1ug? Or will the promethION most likely produce more data given the same starting DNA?