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  • sequencing accuracy

    hi, I have a question about the nanopore sequencing accuracy. Iontorrent's pgm, illumina's miseq, and hiseq have a single read accuracy of more than 99%, but Nanopore's up to 98%. If so, can you trust the data coming out by reading only a single read? For example, bacterial community analysis by 16S amplicon sequencing.

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    Yeah its safe.Reading a single read though its only making assumptions proves the theory.
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      All the platforms you mentioned use cluster consensus to improve single-read accuracy. This can also be done on nanopore by using more reads.

      Also, the long read lengths can compensate for an increased per-base error; this is particularly important for metagenomic use (e.g. strain identification).

      Even with the consensus reads that come off the sequencer, I wouldn't trust a single read from any platform. There is a new nanopore kit available that can get q30+ duplex reads if high single molecule accuracy is required.
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