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No Signal from ClearLabs Inherited GridION?

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  • No Signal from ClearLabs Inherited GridION?

    Good Morning All,

    Our lab has a Clear Labs automated sequencing system that we have been running with a GridION attached. Recently we've taken the GridION out the CL system and replaced it with several MinIONs; leaving us with an ostensibly perfectly good GridION waiting to be used. The only hitch is that because we got the GridION through Clear Labs rather than ONT directly, we are unsure what kind of changes they have done to the GridION's onboard systems.

    I tried to hook the GridION up to a monitor + Mouse/Keyboard, but I was unable to get any kind of signal or response from the machine. Is this indicative of Clear Labs wiping the GridION of the Linux operating system and Ubuntu GUI?

    Would appreciate any insight! Thanks!