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8-12-2012 - LSC 0.2.1 Released

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  • 8-12-2012 - LSC 0.2.1 Released

    8-12-2012 - LSC 0.2.1 Released
    Please find it at:
    The previous thread of LSC is here :

    LSC 0.2.1 fixes the bug of python path. Another bug of removing redundant reads is also fixed. LSC takes a long read data sets (>=100bp) and a short reads data sets (50 - 100bp) as input. They should be in FASTA format. Running time is almost linear with the the number of threads.

    Python (version 2.6 or higher) should be installed in the default user bin "#!/usr/bin/python"
    Novoalign should be in your default path. The version V2.07.10 is recommended.
    A new option of using nonredandunt reads that save ~40% running time