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Service Provider Quotation and Project Management Tools

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  • Service Provider Quotation and Project Management Tools

    We've just made all of Genohub's online quotation and project management software free and open to use. This means if you're a service provider, you can use these tools with your own internal clients at no charge.


    1- Send quotes to anyone using just their email address
    2- Manage back and forth client communication through a project messaging interface and keep all project related data in a single place.
    3- Invoice or bill clients yourself or ask Genohub to handle it.

    We've given some more detailed examples of how this would useful to next generation sequencing service providers here:

    - Genohub
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    projewct management tool

    Good write up regranding project management tools you can specify only what you are serving to you client it's enough for who are willing to ready to take your service
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      Are there facebook groups

      Do you guys know if there are any facebook groups for similar interactions such as this forum here?... or do you guys suggest other social connections for similar discussions? Thx


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        free facebook groups

        yes here. Free fb promotion gropups available here. just search on facebook. twitter named as sundarsuryacreation.
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          Hallo, Bedankt voor het introduceren van deze handige tools voor projectbeheer. Ik ga na of er een aantal uitstekende functies in deze software zitten, maar ik denk dat deze tools nuttig zullen zijn voor specifieke professionals bij hun projectcommunicatie. Als mijn beroep ben ik een professionele digitale marketeer en SEO-adviseur. Over het algemeen gebruiken we de Sitechecker SEO-projectbeheersoftware om check betrouwbaarheid website en SEO-audits. Hoe dan ook, ik ben ook blij om te weten over uw handige tools, ik zal deze projectmanagementtools zeker aanbevelen aan dergelijke professionals die op dit gebied werken.


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            I used to use Rank Tracker, but recently I have been using the SE Ranking tool to see if my site can be found in search when customers are looking for what I sell. Also, along with keywords, I can track my business and search for competitors: I need to add up to 5 competitors and get the same detailed report on their ranking compared to mine. It is very comfortable.
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