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Illumina sequencing service providers in Australia

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  • Illumina sequencing service providers in Australia

    Hi everyone,

    we are looking for Illumina sequencing service providers based in Australia, as the currency exchange rates are now so bad for us we can't afford to use overseas providers any longer. I've gone through various threads on this forum and on Google and so far have found only a hand full of providers below. Does anyone know of any other providers in Australia or in the Asia-Pacific region that is still affordable for Australian researchers? We will need HiSeq paired-end sequencing of 100bp inserts, we will prepare the libraries ourselves.

    Sequencing service providers in Australia:
    - AGRF
    - Geneworks
    - ACRF Centre for Cancer Genomic Medicine (Monash)
    - Micromon (Monash)
    - Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics (UNSW)

    Thanks! Angie

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    UQCCG Sequencing facility part of UQDI running a HiSeq 4000, MiSeq and PacBio RSII.


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      Thanks Haustrum! I checked out their website but there is not much information yet. Do you have any information on how they work?


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        One thing I was wondering about your post--would an Australian provider be much more affordable? After all, they are buying Illumina reagents with the unfavorable exchange rate as well. Or is labor significant enough to make a big difference in the price per lane?
        Providing nextRAD genotyping and PacBio sequencing services.


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          Well, that's what we are trying to figure out. Until now, it's always been more affordable to go overseas but what used to be $USD2000 per lane is now much more for us than previously. So if we can budget in AUD then we have a bit more security than in USD.


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            There tends to be a lag between the exchange rate change and the Aussie providers prices going up, but we still find it cheaper to sequence overseas, mostly with Novogene lately, they only do PE125 but the data is always good.


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              Thanks James! Will check out Novogene and some other overseas providers too. Cheers, Angie


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                You can send to us ( as well. Our service is very affordable.