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Invitrogen acquires single molecule startup Visigen!



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  • Invitrogen acquires single molecule startup Visigen!

    As part of their 3rd quarter 2008 earnings announcement, Invitrogen noted that they have purchased early stage single molecule sequencing startup Visigen for $20 million.

    Visigen's technology centers on the use of a labeled polymerase and nucleotides which produce an intermolecular FRET fluorescence event during incorporation. They were recently granted what appears to be a key patent in this area.

    Applied Biosystems had previously made an equity investment in Visigen.

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    Another company with deep pockets ponies up for 3rd gen. This looks like a hybrid between PacBio (single molecule, flurophore on the PO4, monitor incorporation) and Helicos (oligo array, visualize, incorporate, visualize incorporate, etc.). I like the use of a fret moiety on the polymerase, which, for PacBio would dramatically help reduce the false signals from the "always on" unincorporated dNTPs.

    Edit: I completely forgot IVGN and ABI are the same. . . so what from SOLiD will show up in VisiGen's 3rd gen scheme and vice-versa. They don't seem all that compatible ligation/hybridization vs SBS?
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