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SNPsaurus offers Illumina bacterial genome sequencing service

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  • SNPsaurus offers Illumina bacterial genome sequencing service

    SNPsaurus is now offering Illumina PE 150 sequencing of bacterial genomes: library prep, sequencing to 60X read depth, assembly, annotation, and alignment to a reference with variant calling--starting at $69/sample.

    See for details and pricing for your project size.

    In our experience, the largest contigs from Illumina sequencing and assembly will be hundreds of kilobases to a megabase in length. For complete circular assemblies of bacterial genomes (or assemblies that are in just a few large contigs), see our PacBio sequencing service offering:
    Providing nextRAD genotyping and PacBio sequencing services.

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    Creative Biolabs has established the high-throughput SuPrecision™ platform for large-scale sequencing services. Based on this advanced platform, we can provide the most comprehensive cancer WGS sequencing bioinformatics analysis for our global customers.