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Sequencing Technologies/Companies


Platform specific questions, news, discussions

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454 Pyrosequencing
Pyrosequencing in picotiter plates, custom arrays for enrichment/decomplexing. (Roche)
Topics: 762 Posts: 3,982
762 3,982
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MGISEQ (FKA Complete Genomics)
Service-based whole human genome sequencing with probe ligation chemistry.
Topics: 50 Posts: 160
50 160
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Helicos / Direct Genomics
True Single Molecule Sequencing, originally by Helicos, tech acquired by Direct Genomics
Topics: 29 Posts: 152
29 152
Bridged amplification & clustering followed by sequencing by synthesis. (Genome Analyzer / HiSeq / MiSeq)
Topics: 2,981 Posts: 16,515
2,981 16,515
Ion Torrent
Integrated electronic detection of protons released upon base incorporation. (Life Technologies)
Topics: 388 Posts: 2,212
388 2,212
Oxford Nanopore
Single molecule sequencing via a protein nanopore, presently on the MinION.
Topics: 105 Posts: 563
105 563
Pacific Biosciences
Single-molecule real-time observation of DNA polymerase using zero-mode waveguide (ZMW) optical confinement nanostructures
Topics: 382 Posts: 2,171
382 2,171
"Open Source" instrument and sequencing by ligation chemistry (Danaher Motion-Dover)
Topics: 5 Posts: 68
5 68
Sanger/Dye Terminator
Automated dye terminator ("Sanger") chemistries
Topics: 75 Posts: 266
75 266
Sequencing by Oligo Ligation/Detection (Life Technologies)
Topics: 462 Posts: 2,443
462 2,443
The Pipeline
Sequencing technologies without a commercially released platform (Oxford Nanopore, Halcyon Molecular, etc.)
Topics: 79 Posts: 577
79 577
Service Providers
Discussions about next gen sequencing service providers, reviews & experiences, etc. No overtly commercial content permitted without prior approval.
Topics: 72 Posts: 474
72 474
Vendor Forum
Registered SEQanswers sponsors/vendors can post commercial content here. Please support our sponsors!
Topics: 329 Posts: 806
329 806