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Spam prevention: Posts from new users will be filtered for spam

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    Also slightly more intelligible yet useless spam like this:


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      Originally posted by dpryan View Post
      Seems to be only one account (slowly) getting through at the moment. Depending on what permissions they get, you might want to just deputize a few more moderators.
      Happy to...volunteers welcome!

      Originally posted by Brian Bushnell View Post
      Another possibility, at present, is to prohibit the use of non-ASCII unicode characters in new posts, if you have that kind of flexibility...
      I am working on installing a totally new spam protection, probably when I upgrade to vBulletin5...

      Originally posted by GenoMax View Post
      Looks like the bots are working through the new "300 seconds between two posts" limit.
      Yeah, this is a stopgap until I have a better system...

      Thanks guys for bearing with this...I know it's annoying. We are getting hammered lately...


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        I guess I'll volunteer, since at least that will spread out the time zone coverage a bit. BTW, the spammer seems to have gotten through somehow.


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          I'm also willing to wield moderator powers for banning the occasional spammer.

          In the meaning the 300s rule means 5 minutes between posts, which sadly blocks my usual pattern of scanning the forum periodically and answering a batch of questions. I hope this stopgap can be replaced...


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            Perhaps introducing "captcha" for first 15-10 posts would eliminate bots?

            PS: I'm unsure how easy it is for site admins to introduce any new feature based on time, and financial resources.
            Bioinformaticscally calm


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              I highly recommend immediately banning or moderating all posts from new members with Korean (or, less-ideally, non-ASCII) characters in the title. These are all spam, and I think it really detracts from the site's reputation to constantly have the latest posts being spam.