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Integrative RNA and ChIP-Seq analysis of regulatory T-cells



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  • Integrative RNA and ChIP-Seq analysis of regulatory T-cells

    Webinar on 'Integrative RNA and ChIP-Seq analysis of regulatory T-cells'

    In this webinar, we present an integrative analysis of ChIP- and RNA-Seq data in Strand NGS. Analyzing RNA-Seq data gives us the gene expression profiles and variations across conditions. The ChIP-Seq data analysis provides information on where a particular protein might bind in the genome and which genes it regulates under a particular condition. Combining these two studies might help us answer what effect a transcription factor binding might have on gene expression. Here we show a case study in which we demonstrate how such an integrative analysis helps in investigating the role of transcription factor FOXP3 on gene expression in regulatory T-cells.

    Ms. Aishwarya Narayanan, Application Scientist, Strand Life Sciences

    Webinar details
    Session 1 - 28 Jan 2015, 09:30 AM CET (02:00 PM IST)
    Session 2 - 28 Jan 2015, 09:00 AM PST (10:30 PM IST)

    Register to event on or before January 26, 2015 at http://www.strand-ngs.com/webinar_registration.
    You can also email your question to [email protected] in advance so that we answer to them immediately after the webinar in the Q&A session.

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