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  • Is everyone able to update information on the Wiki?

    5 Top Tips To Solve Tension Problems

    Tension is the aspect that scares a lot of sewists, even the most seasoned ones. It is true that the more you work on the machine, the more experience you get at fixing its tension problem. However, when things get out of your hands, take the machine to the dealer who you bought it and they might give you valuable advice on how to solve the issues that are troubling you.

    The method I share below is from my own experience plus what I learned from other sewists I have been talking to. If you maintain the machine regularly, like taking it to the mechanic for a checkup or oiling it properly, this method should work.

    Remove the plate and clean under it

    There is one thing I want to note here, which is the more advanced the machine, the fewer tension problems it runs into. The type of machine I am talking about is the best computerized sewing machine for beginners that can do a lot of tasks for you.

    To know if you have the right tension or not, the easiest way is to check the right side and the wrong side of the project. The stitches should look the same on both sides, if they do not, you should definitely adjust the tension.

    However, on some rare occasions when sewists want to create a kind of decoration, they may leave the tension that way.

    When you see the thread of the bobbin on the right side, the tension should be decreased and if the needle thread is showing on the wrong side, you want to do the opposite thing.

    How far you can adjust the tension depends on the make or model of the machine. Some let you do what you like but others do not. If you want a machine that allows you to change the tension at will, read the Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews and pick the right starter sewing machine for your needs right away.

    A computerized sewing machine has fewer tension issues

    Five Tips To Fix The Tension Problems

    1. Take the plate out and clean the area and the bobbin case with a brush. Dust and lint can build up there if you do not do this often. If you feel needed, oil them both.

    2. Change the needle after every project. Even if you do not see it, the needle might be bent for some reason.

    3. Re-thread your machine when the problem happens.

    4. Check if the bobbin works properly. Consult the manual for more information. On some machines, it turns clockwise and on others, it goes in the opposite direction.

    5. Make sure you use the same thread for the needle and the bobbin unless you do it differently on purpose. Again, check the manual to ensure that the spools of thread are properly placed.

    This method should work if you have is the best rated sewing machines for beginners. If you have done everything you can and the issue does not go away, visit the local dealer or take the machine to a mechanic.

    Also, the best heavy duty sewing machine for home use will take your skills to the next level and make your dreams come true if you maintain it well.
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